Developing Your Action Plan

We’re here to help. Informed by the pioneering work of the Better Buying Lab, the Cool Food Pledge team provides signatories with guidance on developing a plan for serving more climate-friendly food while meeting other dining-related targets. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach, so our team helps you connect with other signatories as well as with organizations that produce innovative products and can provide solutions and training that will work for your dining facility.

For those in health care, Practice Greenhealth provides technical assistance on plan development and implementation. Find more information here.

Behavioral Playbook (Available in early October)

The Behavioral Playbook outlines the range of strategic options available for signatories to shift diets and is tailored by sector.

Solution Provider Directory (Coming Soon!)

The Solution Provider Directory is a curated list of nonprofit organizations and commercial providers offering strategic solutions to help turn strategies into action.

Cool Food Calculator (NOW available below)

The Cool Food Calculator estimates the GHG emissions associated with the food your facility purchases.

ghg Measurement Technical Note (NOW available below)

A technical note called “Tracking Progress Toward the Cool Food Pledge” walks users through the nuances of data collection and measurement, and details the methods, metrics, and data sets used by the Cool Food Pledge.